Miel de Tajinaste


This type of honey is usually crystallised with a very light coloured honey (white or bright beige). Its consistency is creamy with a mild flavour and floral aroma, along with pleasant balsamic aromatic nuances.


Between 2 and 65 mm Pfund. Amber coloured, almost transparent, when it’s crystallised it turns into white with beige nuances.


Little intense. Vegetal smell.


Light, little intense, floral, warm.

Physical and chemical characteristics

  • Humidity ≤ 18 %.
  • Aw ≤ 0,620.
  • Hydroxymethylfurfural ≤ 20 mg/kg.
  • Diastase activity ≤ 12 Shade.
  • Electrical conductivity between 0,140 y 0,400 mS/cm.

Production area

This is made from the different bugloss species to be found on the island of Tenerife, and it’s more common in the Arafo and Arico highlands.

Production period

Spring-Summer honey

Gastronomic proposals

It’s used as a sweetener.