The best honey of Tenerife

Artisanal production

Floral production honeys

Beekeeping from our land

Pollinating the native flora

A 100% organic product with an exquisite flavour

New. Our Canarian Propolis

We create our Canarian propolis with an “exclusive format”, which is unique in the islands. Taste the propolis from Tenerife. Incomparable...

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Designation of origin

We already have a designation of origin: “Miel de Tenerife” From today on, Aura Miel has a protected designation of origin: “Miel de Tenerife”, which provides assurance to consumers of the quality and categorization of our series of honey. We have exceeded the strict...

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Tenerife Honey

The wide variety of honey from Tenerife encloses a whole world of tradition and popular roots to which the aroma and taste of our landscapes are added. The bees find the nectar of which they make our honey at the heathers, chestnuts, bugloss, tagasastes and a great...

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