The wide variety of honey from Tenerife encloses a whole world of tradition and popular roots to which the aroma and taste of our landscapes are added. The bees find the nectar of which they make our honey at the heathers, chestnuts, bugloss, tagasastes and a great many of other plant species that grow in our mountains and halfway points: from the lushness of the Orotava Valley to the explosion of brooms of Las Cañadas del Teide.  The beekeepers from Tenerife have produced, with great talent, a wide variety of unique honey, which has remained until these days. Tenerife is home to an extensive variety of unique flowers on which the bees feed to produce the excellent original diverse and contrasting honeys of the island.

More than 600 beekeepers are registered in Tenerife. Their work and dedication follow a family tradition: they have small apiculture farms where they produce high-quality artisanal honey. Thanks to their diligent work, they have kept the original flavour, scent and all the natural properties of honey, making its consumption an authentic and particular gastronomic delight.