Our Honeys

White Broom Honey

It’s a light amber coloured with a golden hue honey. This type of honey has a late crystallization and offers a delicate floral aroma with a touch of vegetation.

Miel de Flores

This type of honey has always been renowned on the island. It is produced at altitudes above 1.200 metres, which is almost the area of the Teide National Park and its surrounding areas.

Miel de Aguacate

It is a dark amber spring honey with a slow crystallization and a characteristic aroma with a touch of caramel and ripe fruit together with a light salty flavour.

Miel de Tajinaste

This type of honey is usually crystallised with a very light coloured honey (white or bright beige). Its consistency is creamy with a mild flavour and floral aroma, along with pleasant balsamic aromatic nuances.

Miel de Monte

This type of honey is produced in hives situated between 450 and 1200 metres from mid-spring until the end of summer, according to the zone of the island.

Miel de Mielada

A healing honey. The bees gather the sweet secretions from the plants and make this unique product.

Miel de Castaño

The perfect honey for summer. It is a full-bodied honey, generally fluid.

Other Products


The propolis is an excellent natural antibiotic that simulates the immune system against infections and has many therapeutic properties to the health, particularly in case of respiratory infections. 

Royal Jelly

The Royal jelly is an amino acid, trace elements and vitamins rich substance. Its therapeutic properties are stimulant and bracing, which favour the well-being.