Miel de Mielada


A healing honey.

The bees gather the sweet secretions from the plants and make this unique product.

According to some studies, the honeydew provides advantages for people suffering from anaemia, heal wounds, add a greater amount of minerals for our organism, etc.

It is an amber or dark amber honey with green tones, it has a vegetal, warm and toasted smell with a medium intensity aroma, sort of toasted, warm and a bit salty.

Colour (Pfund and described colour)

≥ 95 mm Pfund. Amber or dark amber with green tones.


Vegetal, warm and toasted.


Medium intensity, warm, toasted and salty.

Physical and chemical characteristics 

  • Humidity ≤ 18 %.
  • Aw ≤ 0,620.
  • Hydroxymethylfurfural ≤ 20 mg/kg.
  • Diastase activity ≤ 12 Shade.
  • Electrical conductivity ≥0,800 mS/cm.

Production area

This honey is produced at the north of the island, mainly at the municipalities of Los Realejos and Valle de Guerra. 

Production period


Gastronomic proposals

This type of honey is ideal to consume with cheese, to knead it with gofio or to set it as a salad dressing.